Monday, August 3, 2009

The Trip...

Okay, so this trip my brother and I went on, we went there expecting it to be a camping trip but it turned out to be a tour of LA and staying at vince's girlfriends house. We went to our camp site, it was directly in the sun, wind was crazy as heck, and both tents we brought were defective when we started to put them up, ugh. When we asked for another camp site they told us we would have to go each morning to a different site, which would be too stressful, so we just decided to leave. Anyway, so vince called up ariana, and we stayed at her house the entire week, doing different activities everday. Second day we went to laguna beach, third day california adventure and huntington beach, where we met with a whole bunch of you tube people, and fourth day was tour of hollywood/LA. I had a really great time, even though I was really pissed about not being able to go camping, and the fact that I bought all the food and crap for camping and we didn't use most of it; I was a little mad but the whole week made up for it. Anyway, that's all for now, I got a great sunburn/tan, haha. Talk to ya'll later bye!!