Sunday, September 28, 2008

Had an exhausting but fun night!!

Supreme Soul, From ABDC!!
Kaba Modern, also ABDC, so cool!!
Denise and I at the end, 11:30pm, whohoo.

So, it all began at around 1pm when Denise and her mom came to pick me up, heading off on our way toward Alemeda, or so we thought. We were on 580 and the mapquest directions told us to take 680 toward san jose, HA, easier said than done. Well, there was no sign saying anything about 680, but there was a sign saying 880 toward san jose, I immediately called my dad seeing if we were going the right way, and he said yes, 880 will take you to alemeda, so we took the 880. Well, about a half an hour later, we see no signs saying pleasanton, or alemeda fairgrounds, nothing that could help us out, in the meantime, Denise's mom is freaking out because she hates not knowing where shes going, which gets Denise frustrated because Debbie yells at her, and I'm just trying to calm them both down. So, Denise calls up her dad he says we are going the wrong way, we should have taken the 680, and we all say there wasn't a sign anywhere!! In the meanwhile it's 2:15, we are in fremont, so I call my mom, she says we need to turn around go back toward oakland, but we are only 15 minutes away, we were getting pissed because we all had to pee, and the dance tour supposedly started at 3. Anway, so we go back the other way, and we don't know which turn to get off of, so Denise calls her uncle, supposedly he knows everything about that area, he said we need to get off of an Alemeda exit and it will take you straight to the fairgrounds, well that didn't take us anywhere, instead we found ourselves at a gas station finally asking for directions. We need to go south and take off Jackson 92, follow that it will take you there, the lady said. So, we did and finally we were on 580 east which tooks us right on to 680!!! OMG, anyway we got to the dance tour at 4 and found out that the competitions weren't supposed to start until 4:30, so we were freakin out for no reason. ANYWAY, the dances were great i love to watch the hip hop and break dancing , kind of reminds me of cheerleading, but alot more intricate, I got to see people from my favorite show Americas best dance crew, so that was awesome. I also got a world of dance shirt, which is giants colors, so cool! Then we went home and we accidently went toward san francisco instead of toward berkley, and had to travel all through SF, before we could finally get home, which was at 2:30am! Well, since ten this morning I have been studying for my anthro midterm, so it just has been a long and exhausting weekend. Thank you and goodnight.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Time to Have Some Fun!!

Although, I have 2 midterms next week, I'm going to have some fun this weekend! Today I am going to see Eagle Eye with Denise, because we have been wanting to see it since we saw the first preview for it, haha. Then on saturday, we are going to the World of Dance Tour in Alemeda, showing all these dance groups doing hip hop, and break dancing, which we totally love! I can't wait! So, probably on sunday and saturday in the morning I will study and get ready for my Anthro midterms. Also, I talked to Denise's mom who works at Macy's, and she might be able to get me and Denise jobs working in recovery, whohoo a job!! I have done recovery before, so it will be familiar to me at least. Anyway, I have to go wash my clothes, so I will talk to ya'll later bye!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Aww.. the memories

I have been cleaning out everything I don't need in my room and it has been bringing back so many memories of when I was in elementary school, you wouldn't believe.I have like three diaries, and I read like every page I wrote, from 1997 to 2007, and its crazy the things I said and how it just triggers a thing in your brain that brings you right back to that point in time. I just love it, because of course you have pictures to remind you of events that occured in the past, but a diary or a journal actually tells what happened on a specific day in your past. I mean it is so funny how we think about the past and the present and the future in our lives, but I mean we are living in the furture right now, because when we were kids we thought about this point in time. Five minutes ago was our past and right now is our present and future, if you think about it. But there also is your future in the long run. Anyway, I just think that is so interesting how that all works, and how it just came to me when I flipped open a diary.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


So, I got my english quiz back, and I got 61/2 out of 5, I got the extra credit right, so cool. Also, I got my Native American test back and got 20/20 baby! I am so good. haha Anyway, I just had to post this, I was super excited that I did well on my first tests. well, talk to ya'll later, bye!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Still going strong!

Four weeks are up, and I'm still doing good. I had three tests this week, one from each of my anthro classes and one from my english class. I think I did okay on my english, it was a chapter test so i really don't know. For my mesoamerican test, I got an A! whoohoo, I'm so great, haha, naw I just have good memory, it was all about memorizing where places were. My native american test I think I passed, I mean when I studied I knew everything, and the test was really easy. Well, I have a lot of homework that I need to complete, and I have a lot of things going on this weekend, so I'm going to get started bright and early tomorrow. I'm doing great with my walking, I have increased my steps since I first started using the pedometer, so that's a plus. Still eating as good as I can, just trying to be healthier. Anyway, I will talk to ya'll later, hope everyone is doing well, bye!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Three down!

Okay, so I know I am repeating myself, but the third week is over and I had a good week. Only three days, but all my classes went really well. I was supposed to have a anthropology test today, but the teacher cancelled it because over half the class didn't have their scantrons, haha. I was also supposed to have a english test on wednesday, but the teacher cancelled that too, she didn't feel like giving it, lol. Don't you just love college, then again I studied for both of those and now I have to wait until next week, oh the anxiety. Anyway, back to the best part, I had such a great time in my child 10 class, the teacher, instead of always doing lectures, she interacts with us. She put the names of people up on the board, that we know about from our book. Then she handed out about five cards with different sayings on them, to each group. Then as a group we had to figure out where each card went with each person, while we talked as a class, so she made it very fun and interesting, rather than just having us listen to her the entire time. I hope you understood what we did, that took alot for me to write it, haha. Also, my anthropology classes are cool too, although they are lectures, we have power points to look at and they show pictures and stuff like that, so I'm kind of liking them. AND, I actually had homework to do today during my 2 hour break between classes, so i wasn't bored at all. Oh my god, I had such a great week and day, even though I went to the dentist today. I didn't have any cavities, whohoo! Anyway, I'm walking more, been walking about 1-2 miles per day, according to my pedometer, drinking alot more water and eating as healthy as I can. Well, I hope everyone is doing as great as I am, love you all, bye!