Friday, March 27, 2009

Long Time, No Talk!!

Okay, so it has been a while since I have blogged, but I have been commenting. :) I have been really busy lately, especially this week. As most of you know, I became a nanny starting this week and it was a week earlier than expected because Sarah needed her rest. I was totally okay with starting early, but the ting I wasn't thinking about was school and how much things I had going on this week. I had a lecture exam in Bio on tuesday which I failed, because I totally didn't study for it enough, my fault completely. But, I am able to take a pity exam for it to make up the points, so I'm okay with it. I also had a psych test this morning, which I tried to study for yesterday, but had a hard time with because for some reason I had a really bad headache that was making me dizzy. It stopped toward the middle of my bio class. But anyway, then I came home around 10pm from bio, studied for about an hour, then went to bed. Woke up this morning at 7am to study for an hour and a half before my test at 9am. It has been an exhausting week. Now this weekend, on saturday, I am hanging out with my friend kristen because this is her last day before she goes back to Cal Poly and on sunday I am going to my grandpa's for his birthday. I have an Animal health midterm on monday at 7pm, so hopefully while the baby is napping I can study for it because I'm not gonna have time this weekend. Anyway, I am ranting now, I thought I would just tell you all how I'm doing. I mean other than school, I am doing good. I love watching Savanna, she always has the biggest smile and I love her chubby cheeks. Hope everyone is doing well, talk to ya'll later bye!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring Break

Us driving to SLO

Cal Poly seen from the P

Kristen, me and Denise at Avila Beach

I had the most awesome time for spring break. It was so great to get away, be with friends, and just be an adult for once. By that last one I mean fending for ourselves, and being able to make my own decisions. Anyway, me and denise drove down with Vince, which was so much fun. We went to sonic and sang in the car, you can go to my youtube and check it out. I put it under Trip to SLO and my user name is sillyamz. So, after we got dropped off we put all our stuff in kristen's dorm and headed out. We met kristen's friends sophie and travis, who are awesome, and went to dinner with them one night at Metro, a place on campus. Throughout the week we would go to taco bell, burger king, and even dennys around 1 or 2 in the morning, hehe. We hiked to the Cal Poly P, which was really steep, but we were so proud of ourselves for doing it. Then at the end of the trip we couldn't find the greyhound station we were supposed to get on at. The one that you usually go to was fenced off, and we had no idea where it moved to. We called greyhound and they kept saying the same address, I called my mom and she looked it up and it said the same address. Finally, we asked a guy in a donut shop and he said it moved to the train station up the road. It was crazy because this was all at 5 in the morning. We stayed up the entire night and got less than 2 hours of sleep on the bus, so we were really tired. I had a blast, and I cannot wait to go back there!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I'm Checking In

Okay so, I am having the laziest week ever. You see I just want it to be spring break, so i don't want to go to classes, i don't want to do homework, and on top of all that i am starting to get sick. I weighed in this morning and i was really unhappy because i gained, but i know i can get back on track, im just hoping spring break wont ruin me. I have this essay due in english on sunday, but i have to get it done before saturday because that's when im gonna be getting ready for the trip to cal poly. Anyway, i know this is all me, and i just got to suck it up, get things done so i can have a stress free time for spring break. I will talk to you guys later, i just got done with a walk so im kind of wiped, haha. Bye!