Thursday, August 28, 2008


Yay the second week is over, I am doing good. I have homework in every one of my classes, but we have no school on monday, four day weekend baby, I'm free! (noted by the picture) I have to read for child 10, read for english and revise an essay. Plus there is a quiz in english when we come back on wednesday, so I have to study for that. In my first anthropology class I have to read, and in the second I have to read and study for a geography quiz. Did I tell you that I really hate reading, I mean it's not that it is a bad thing, but when it is a subject that does not interest me that much, I don't comprehend as fast. But, anyway I have also been walking everyday after school with my dog, taking about 20 minute to 30 minute walks, so I'm getting some exercise in at least. I also noticed on my phone, that there is a pedometer that I can set in the morning and at the end of the day I can check the distance I have walked and how many steps I have taken. I think that is so cool, it might help me stay on track, fitness wise too. Doing the same amount of steps each day and then gradually increase, ya know. Well, that is all for now, I will talk to ya'll later, bye!

Friday, August 22, 2008

The First Week is Over!

Okay, so this week is finally over, and what an exhausting week it was. On the first day of school I left about an hour early to find parking, thinking that would be enough time, but instead I drove around until ten minutes before class started just to get a parking space. I cried to my brother and my mom, because I was not only frustrated but worried that I was going to be late for class, it was so hectic! Anyway, my english class and child development class are great, I love the teachers, and I get to observe children in the center they have there, so that's cool. My Anthro 43 class is okay, I like the teacher, I'm just not sure about what we have to learn in it,and if it will keep me interested the entire semester or not. It is about the native american culture, so I don't know, we will see what happens. My other anthropology class, I like better, it is about mesoamerica and the teacher is cool and really nice. With both these classes we get to do "labs" in the museum at the jc, so that made it seem more interesting at least. Only in one of my classes do I actually know someone, other than that at my breaks I see everybody from my high school and I go and talk to them, so that keeps me busy, and makes me feel not as alone. Also, I have my dad there to help me whenever I need. On the second day of school I got out early from one of my classes and had like 2 hours to spare until my next class. I called my dad, he came after he got out and we sat and talked until he had to go. He brought me to the library too, so I could go online. He has helped me out alot this week.(Thanks Dad!) Anyway, Monica, to answer your question, yes there are some cute boys in my english and child 10 class, haha, but you know me I'm so shy. Well, that is all I have for now, I think that is alot of info, anyway. I have tons to read and write this weekend, but I can get it done, because you know what is so cool, is the fact that you don't have every class everyday. Some homework may be due tuesday, not monday, haha so cool! Anyway, I will talk to you later, and keep you posted with my freshmen college experience.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


So, tomorrow I start my college adventures at the Santa Rosa Junior College. I am very nervous, stressed and excited, all at the same time. You see, I don't really like change, so for me to not be at my high school anymore and to go to this new place, is very difficult. This happened when I went to middle school and high school, so I should be used to it now but I'm not, haha. Anyway, back to college, this semester I am taking 13 units which is about the amount they said you should take each semester, so I did good there. My classes are Child 10 (child development), english 100, anthropology 43 and 31, so 4 classes all together. On MW I take eng and child 10 both in the same place so i just have to park in one place those days, and then on TTH, it's the anthro's and I park in another place those days, so it's kind of perfect. Well, I'm just letting you know what I'm going to be doing for my next few years, and I will probably talk to you guys in a few days to see how my classes went. Talk to you then, bye!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Giants Game

So I went to the Giants game yesterday, with my bro, dad, stepmom, cuz, and aunt, and it was hecka fun. Although we had to sit in the heat for a while, the shade finally came and we were able to relax and watch the giants beat the dodgers. BEAT LA, BEAT LA! That's all we heard throughout the game and at the end, but the giants won and the crowd went wild. It was great to spend time with Greg and Tess, we don't see them alot and when we do, it is always so much fun. We went out to eat at amici's and had the yummiest breadsticks and great pizza. Then we said our goodbyes and went back home, a great ending to an awesome day. Anyway, I hope everyones weeks were as great as mine, I am so exhausted now I just want to relax, but I can't because school starts on the 18th and I have to get ready for that and Valeries wedding, so I just have to keep going like the energizer bunny, haha. Talk to ya'll later, bye!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

I'm Finally Back!

I'm back! The houseboat trip was so much fun, an entire week of fun in the sun! The first day we got there we banked in this little cove and jumped right into the lake, it was awesome, but weird to see little fishies jumping right next to you. That night Denise and I had the time of our lives teasing the boys with our camera flashes, haha we would flash them with a camera and then they would do something to us like pour water on us or scare us. Funny stuff happened just on that first night.Over the next couple days we had to move the boat, and we docked on our very own little island, it was so nice. we would swim around it, sun tan on it, all sorts of things. Oh and if I do say so myself I think I got a pretty nice tan while I was there. But anyway, then we had to move again and we banked in this other nice cove next to a bunch of hills that we would climb on during the day, and find crystal and cool things burried in the dirt where the lake used to be, since the water has gone down so much. We also had alot of bad things happen to us while being there: first off we hit the propeller which almost ended up costing them $160, one of the boys named Mikey, got stung by a wasp, I got bit by a fly, Denise and I had to swim from the island we were on to the cove we stayed at (2miles!), I got a heat rash (ugh), and last but definitely not least on the way home the little trailor we had got a flat tire! But overall I had the best time of my life. I drank for the first time, margaritas baby! Me and Denise were feeling really buzzed after drinking them and this other drink the guys made, kind of a weird feeling when you feel like the room is spinning but you are also on a boat that's rocking, haha. We would also go on the roof and tan and dance with our music blasting. Anyway, I can't put all the pics on here because there is over one hundred, but I put up the ones that are most important, so I hope you like them. I will probably talk to you guys tomorrow, so ttfn!