Sunday, November 30, 2008

Doing Good!

So, I weighed myself this week, and I lost two pounds! Although, it's not that much I am proud of it. I don't think I am going to weigh myself every week though, just because I don't want to be all caught up in how much I weigh, I just want to see myself change overtime, ya know. But, anyway I have been eating soo healthy, lots of veggies and fruits, and I didn't even over eat on thanksgiving, it felt great. My leg is doing a little better, I have been trying to work it out, and do the exercises that I do in physical therapy, so I am just praying it will get better soon. Well, I hope everyone is well, I will talk to you guys later, bye!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

yay break time!!

I am soo glad it's break. Tomorrow I am going to my third physical therapy, and then my mom and I are going down to my papa's for turkey day!! I cannot wait to get away. I am tired of being home and I need some rest from school. I am sorry I can't come to Thanksgiving with you guys, but I hope everyone has a great time, and eats all the turkey and mashed potatoes they can. talk to you all when I get back, Happy Thanksgiving!!! Bye : )

Friday, November 21, 2008

Lucky Me

Okay so over last weekend I was supposed to observed a preschool classroom or the observation rooms at the child 10 center, for this long essay we had to write about two children. I didn't really want to sit there and observe for an hour, so I made the entire paper up. I mean I used to go to Tiny Tots with my mom whle she worked, I know what the kids do, so I had it down. Anyway, I chose a boy named Jonny, he had to be 5, and a girl named Ellie, she had to be 3. Perfect. Now, all I had to do was explain what they were doing, how they were dressed, their motor skills,etc. It was pretty easy, and I looked at the book to get definitions, and essays from previous years, and it turned out to be 3 1/2 pages. So anyway, I got the paper back and my teacher loved it, she gave me 50/50 and even wants to keep one for her file. I was just amazed at the fact that I didn't even observe and I got that grade. I mean everything was made up, all the things the kids played and the activities they did, it's just hilarious. But, anyway that's that, and today I have my interview with Macy's and I have another Physical therapy session. I have been eating pretty healthy this week, had vegetables everyday, so I am trying. I just want to do it on my own time though, ya know, be healthier and gradually lose the weight. well, hope everyone is doing well, talk to ya'll later bye!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Start of a New Chapter...

Sunday night I watched this show about a half ton woman, a thousand pound man, and the heavieast 19 yr. old boy, weighing in at 800 pounds. The woman went to the hospital to get that stomach surgery where you can't eat that much afterward, but right after she started doing good, her life ended, just like that. The man had to actually be broken out of his home because there was no way he could fit through the door. He lost a lot of weight and got the same surgery and is now home with his family. The boy could barely walk, was stuck at home, having his mom meet his every need. But, after watching all of this, I just got this horrible feeling inside, I thought I do not want to ever get that way. Because, the fact is, I am heading in that direction, me and my mom, and it worries me. I mean I was thinking all this while eating like 10 pizza bites, and immediately I put my plate down (not joking), and said " no more fast food mom, no more, I am being serious!" She just laughed at me, but we talked for awhile and decided that we want to start eating healthy, and i mean it this time. i don't want to start and stop, i want to eat my veggies and fruits, and eat in the right proportions, and not have fast food! I need to do this, i don't want to become like those people I saw, it almost made me cry to think about how I could die and my mom could die from something so simple as overeating. Anyway, on a lighter note, i started physical therapy today, and it was pretty cool, the exercises he had me doing. I got to go on a stationary bike, it hurt a little but i think it will help. Hopefully my knee will get better, and i can start exercising more in no time. well I will talk to ya'll later bye!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

So I got what I thought...

I got both my anthro tests back and I got a C and a B+, so it's not bad and I kind of knew I wouldn't get an A. But anyway I have hecka homework this weekend, an essay, and stupid book response questions, and on top of all that I have to go to papa's for Nonnie's birthday, so I am gonna be working hard tommorrow and saturday morning. Well, hope everyones not stressed, talk to ya'll later bye!

Monday, November 10, 2008

No School Tomorrow!!

Whoohoo!! There is no school tomorrow and i am very happy about that. Although, i think we should have gotten monday off cuz why go to school for one day and then not the next, but oh well, now i have time to work on all my hw that i have procrastinated on, haha. anyway, hope everyone's well, talk to you later, bye!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thank God this Week is Over!

I had to worry about two midterms and a test this week and it stressed me out so much. I hated that they were all on the same week, so stupid. Both midterms were for my anthro classes and the test was in my child 10 class, so my mind was just going crazy with all the info i had to keep in it. For my second anthro class i think i did okay, my essays at the end were really good i think, so that should put me over the top. Then for my first anthro i did horrible on the slide identification part i left 3 blank and i knew that some of the answers i put down were wrong, but i practically knew every answer on the multi. choice part so i hope that will balance my grade. My child 10 test was take home but i never know about those, so we will see. anyway, hope everyone's weeks are going well, talk to ya'll later, bye!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


It was my first time voting today and it was so cool. Going in everyone was like congratulations and smiling and stuff, it was awesome, haha. I know politics are not supposed to be in here but just to let everyone know Obama won and he did a great speech, john mccain also made a good acceptance speech, so i think this was a great election, especially since it was my first time voting, hehe!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween is over

Holidays aren't what they used to be anymore. There is no excitement when you wake up in the morning, or the thrill of decorating before it comes. It just feels like another day in the year now. Last night, I dressed up like a football player and got all ready for this party at my friend Denise's house. Well, it ended up with us being the chaperones to everyone, while they listen to her brothers band play out in the backyard. I mean not that it wasn't fun to be there with my friend, but it just wasn't how I thought it was going to be. Then we went to my house and Marcia was here with her daughter Betta. That was cool until betta invited her 2 friends over, and it was kind of uncomfortable for both me and Denise. Later once they all left Denise called her mom to come over and hang for a while and we had a good time talking, so that was fun. So, I don't know, holidays were always something to look forward to, and not that they aren't now, with seeing family that you haven't seen in a while and just being together, but that excitement is gone for me. And, my mom keeps saying "oh it's just because you're getting older," but just because I am older why should all the thrill of each holiday dissappear?