Sunday, May 23, 2010

Utah or bust...

So, as you guys might have found out, I'm am going to my cousins wedding this coming weekend. I was supposed to head out on sunday with my grandpa and mom, but my cousin saw the flower cupcakes I made and just had to have them for her wedding. So, they paid to change my flight and I am now going on a plane by myself on wednesday night, to make the cupcakes for her. Now, mind you I haven't seen this family in years, and so I'm just a little nervous to live with them for the few days before "my fam" gets there, but I think I'll be fine once I get comfortable. Also, I seriously hate the security and stuff that you have to go through when flying, and I'm just a little apprehensive about all of it, but I know I can get through it. Anyway, so then we are staying there until the 1st and heading to vegas to have some fun time there. I'm going to be taking tons of pics, I'm totally excited and just can't wait for wednesday; I have never been on a plane by myself before!

Then when I get back, I'm gonna be packing again for a trip to SLO on the 8th. Me and my friend Denise are driving to visit my other friends in cal poly. We're going to stay there until the 11th, and the next day is obviously the big fam get together with all of you! And, then on the 14th I start summer school, but it's not bad because I'm just taking an online class. THEN, on the 15th I'm going to a giants game with my dad and his fam and vince. THEN, I'm going to see Eclipse on the 30th at midnight with denise and my friend kristen. THEN...hahaha just kidding, I don't have anything else planned...yet ;)

So, that is my busy month in a nutshell, lol. Hope everyone is doing well. Oh and, Congratulations Valerie!