Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving and other crap...

okay so i know no one is really writing blogs anymore, except for vicki and monica, so most likely no one will read this, but i just really felt like writing. Most of you already know what is going on in my life through facebook, it's amazing how we can all keep in touch through that thing, lol. But, i just wanted to say that i am not coming to thanksgiving with you guys this year. I hate having to choose, but my mom's family only has 4 people coming that day and i felt it may be better if they had just one more, haha. So, i know you will all miss me sooo much, and i will miss you too, but i will see you all for christmas!!!

Soo, another thing most of you know is that last week my friend and i went to the new moon premiere and let me just tell you, it was awesome!!! we made shirts with the most amazing sayings on them and had the best time waiting in line for 5 hours, haha. I can't wait to see it again!! (the fronts, and the back of mine)

Anyway, if you are following me on facebook you know that i really want this week to be over with not only because thanksgiving is on thursday, but because on wednesday i have 2 tests!! im freakin out!! i hate that they are the day before thanksgiving, but at least i get them over with. Then i have a huge project to worry about over the "break" and on top of that other homework, ugh!! Notice i said "break" because it's like im going to my grandpas on thursday and friday then coming back sat and sun and both those days i have to devote to homework, but i also promised my friends we would go see new moon again and hang out, so i just have a lot on my plate right now. okay enough with my complaining, i'll let you guys go, see ya later!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

What's up people?!?!

So, I thought I would write a blog because monica did, although probably no one will read it like my last one (hint, hint) ;)

Anyway, my life has been very chaotic since school started, and it's not only the stress of classes but also me trying to concentrate on my health and losing weight. Let me start off with school, because I'm having some issues with it right now, and I think I just need outsiders opinions. I went to my counselor wednesday and discovered that if I continue on the track I'm going I am going to be at the JC for about another 3 years, I also have to take the math placement test again and the chem placement test to see if I can get into higher classes. But, what my real problem is, I keep going over and over in my head, "should I stay on this track where I get my associates and vet tech certificate or just forget about the certificate and focus on the associates, that way I only have maybe a couple more years at the JC and then go straight to UC Davis or wherever." I just don't know, and my mom is not really helping, and I feel so confused, and I know everybody is going to say well it's really going to be up to you in the end, but I guess I just need people to help me get to the end.

Okay, now that that is done, I have been doing great on my weight loss and I see that monica and steven are doing awesome too, and I love it!! I started back on 8/10 because summer was just to crazy to lose weight, but since then I have lost 10 pounds!! I am very proud of my self and I intend to keep going!! I am doing it with my friend denise, and we are kind of pushing each other, and motivating each other to keep going. And this time I measured myself and it's so cool to see how much inches I lose in just a matter of 2 weeks. Okie Dokie, I will talk to ya'll later, and like monica said we all need to start writing more, I know most of us have facebook, but it's nice to hear what everyone's doing in their lives :) See ya later!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

The Trip...

Okay, so this trip my brother and I went on, we went there expecting it to be a camping trip but it turned out to be a tour of LA and staying at vince's girlfriends house. We went to our camp site, it was directly in the sun, wind was crazy as heck, and both tents we brought were defective when we started to put them up, ugh. When we asked for another camp site they told us we would have to go each morning to a different site, which would be too stressful, so we just decided to leave. Anyway, so vince called up ariana, and we stayed at her house the entire week, doing different activities everday. Second day we went to laguna beach, third day california adventure and huntington beach, where we met with a whole bunch of you tube people, and fourth day was tour of hollywood/LA. I had a really great time, even though I was really pissed about not being able to go camping, and the fact that I bought all the food and crap for camping and we didn't use most of it; I was a little mad but the whole week made up for it. Anyway, that's all for now, I got a great sunburn/tan, haha. Talk to ya'll later bye!!

Monday, July 27, 2009


So, today is my last day of nannying, and I'm really going to miss savanna. Monica, whenever you need a babysitter on the weekends, just let me know, haha. I cannot believe I have been with her since she was just learning to sit up and now she is standing and almost walking by herself. Anyway, tomorrow me, vince, and denise are heading out to LA to camp at a place by silverwood lake. We're going to be there until friday and then vince's girlfriend, Ariana is going to show us around LA, bring us to all the places we want to see there. So, I am very excited about this trip, first time on a camping trip by ourselves, so this will be interesting and finally get to be away. Okay, well that's it for me, hope everyone is doing well, I will talk to you all in august! Bye!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


okay, so i saw harry potter last night and it was pretty good. In my opinion i think there were tons of things exactly like the book, and just somethings that were completely different, but i just let it go, because movies can never be exactly like books. My brother on the other hand, gets so frustrated when it's not exactly the same, haha. We got home last night at 3am, vince had to wake up at 6:30 and i woke up at 7, and as i said on my facebook, this girl better love me to death when she's older, lol. Anyway, so if you read my last blog, you would know that i was going on a trip in august, but now sadly i am not. Instead, i am going camping with vince, my friend, denise, and vinces girlfriend; at the end of this month. I have been wanting to go camping for so long, you have no idea!! well, that is another update from me, hehe. Talk to ya'll soon, bye!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Update!! :)

Hi everyone, haven't blogged in a while so this may be a little long. First off, I hope all of you are having a great weekend, and Happy Fourth of July! Now, in my life right now so many things are going on, I'm having a hard time keeping up. Still nannying as you all know, and savanna is such a little handful, but so cute! She climbs the stairs now and stands up every chance she gets. I am going to stop nannying at the end of this month, because I have to focus on school and will probably have tons of homework. :( Anyway, I also just found out that i have priority registration on the 8th and i never even got to talk to my counselor this summer. When i called this past week, they said they aren't making appointments right now, but there are drop-ins and those only allow 15 minutes to talk. So, i just have to decide on my own right now, what I'm going to take for this next semester. Also, I keep feeling like I haven't really had a summer at all, because it is going by so quick and I haven't had any time to relax and do vacations and things with fam and friends. I mean, yes i have done some things this summer, but it definitely is not like any other summer i have had before, maybe because of the nannying. But, my friends and I are going sometime in the first weeks of august, on a roadtrip. We are going to oregon and washington, to see all things twilight, but also just see whatever we want, haha. Aside from that I have taken up the habit of reading and cannot stop, lol. I started reading the harry potter books about 3 or 4 weeks ago and i am already done with the first 5. I'm waiting for vince to finish 6, so i can read it before the movie comes out, hehe. I think i really like reading, because it takes me to a different world, so i don't have to think about my own world and it's stresses. Anyway, a lot of things going on, and I'm sure you guys are doing a lot too, so I will let ya'll go. Have a good 4th of july, see ya!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

just because...

So i just wanted to say that i am coming to the family thing on sunday, but i will only be there for like two hours, and then my brother is driving with me back home to go to my best friends surprise birthday party. I really wish i could stay longer, but i also want to be there for my friend too. So, i decided to come for those two hours even if not everyone is going to be there :) Anyway, just wanted to let you guys know, and just that my life right now is a crazy mess, haha. i feel like im going, going, going all the time, there's never any time to relax except in the evenings. But besides that im doing good and can't wait to see all of you!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

You Know What...

I am sooo ready for summer you have no freakin idea!! I have this essay due tomorrow and haven't even started, I'm already in summer mode, God I love prcrastination. I'm sorry I am so behind on the blogging, but it seems like everyone is, mostly everyone has a facebook so we are updating there. Anyway, I am doing great as usual haha. Done with school this friday, I think I am going to get all B's and one A, but we will see. I just finished the 21 day challenge on wednesday, and I lost almost 4 pounds on it, and I am very proud of that. I am back to the weight i was in 9th grade!! Crazy. Um... still nannying and I must say that I am the best nanny/aunt ever, because she is just the best baby ever!! And she is trying so hard to crawl, soo cute!! Anyway, that's my update I have a lot going on this summer, im just a busy bee, lol. Talk to ya'll later, bye!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I just wanted to say Happy Mother's Day to everyone!! Okay so there is so many, Mary (you are the greatest stepmom anyone could ask for!! ), Sarah (I hope jackson is doing good and ellie and jonny, you are such a good mom and a good stepsister to me), Vicki (you are awesome at everything, haha, and I know you will always be there for all of us), and lastly Monica (I hope you are having a good mother's day with savanna, she is lucky to have you, you are a great sister-in-law). Okay I really hope that is everyone because I'm kind of tired today so I may have forgotten someone. I celebrated with my mom yesterday, and we had lots of fun. Anyway, hope everyone is well, love you all, bye!! :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Just another update :)

okay guys, sorry it's been so long, but i have just been a little busy with school and stuff. So, just a little update, right now in my weight loss stuff i have started a 21 day challenge, where you stay on track for 21 days, counting calories, exercising, doing whatever you want for those 21 days as long as you stay on track. I began last week, and i weighed in today and i lost 3 pounds!! I was so excited. I started this because i kind of hit a plateau and so i thought this would help, and a person on youtube suggested to do it, so i thought i would try. i made a video on my channel if you want to check it out :) Anyway, enough with that, I'm still nannying, doing well with that. I got a 75 on my bio exam this past week, so that's good and i have a psych test this friday. So, everything is going pretty well for me lately. I hope everyone else is good, oh and i can't believe how close sarah is, so crazy! i wonder what it's going to be, hehe.

Friday, April 24, 2009

I Feel Grrrreat!!

So, I have been feeling so great lately and I have no idea why. I mean I gained almost a pound, but I was okay with it, because I know that I have been exercising and eating really well. I also got 84% on my bio lecture exam, which surprised the heck out of me, I thought I did well but not that good, haha. I got paid for another two weeks of nannying, thanks monica and steven!! Anyway, I'm just feeling so good, and walking a lot I think that might be part of the reason why. Walking makes me feel good, and lets me think. Well, I will talk to you guys soon, hope everyone else is doing well too, bye!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Stressed out!!!

Okay so I'm babysitting right now, and having a really hard time. Savanna is being really fussy, crying a lot and she will not go to sleep. It's very hard because I have tons of homework to do today, but oh well. Anyway, I had a really good time in Arizona this past weekend. Vince took us to all these places we haven't been to and we walked to A mountain, you can check out on my youtube to see that video, if you want (sillyamz). We ate way too much food, and I thought I would gain tons, but lost .2, haha. Anyway, I got to go, I don't know what to do with her right now, ugh. Her poor teeth :( Well, I will talk to you guys when I can, bye!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Short but sweet!

Okay so i was just sitting here at monica's and realized that i haven't written a blog in a while, so here's a short update. This week i have been doing so much homework, because i need to get it done before my mom and i leave to visit vince on friday. That's right, i am going to see vince in arizona to spend easter with him and my uncle jim, so it should be fun. But, I have just been swamped this week trying to get eveything done before tomorrow. Anyway, savanna is doing great, she usually takes two naps during the day, about 2 hours long, which is when i can get my homework done. I try to take her on walks when im not busy, and she loves it, i take chompers with us too. well, I hope everyone has a great easter, ta ta for now!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Long Time, No Talk!!

Okay, so it has been a while since I have blogged, but I have been commenting. :) I have been really busy lately, especially this week. As most of you know, I became a nanny starting this week and it was a week earlier than expected because Sarah needed her rest. I was totally okay with starting early, but the ting I wasn't thinking about was school and how much things I had going on this week. I had a lecture exam in Bio on tuesday which I failed, because I totally didn't study for it enough, my fault completely. But, I am able to take a pity exam for it to make up the points, so I'm okay with it. I also had a psych test this morning, which I tried to study for yesterday, but had a hard time with because for some reason I had a really bad headache that was making me dizzy. It stopped toward the middle of my bio class. But anyway, then I came home around 10pm from bio, studied for about an hour, then went to bed. Woke up this morning at 7am to study for an hour and a half before my test at 9am. It has been an exhausting week. Now this weekend, on saturday, I am hanging out with my friend kristen because this is her last day before she goes back to Cal Poly and on sunday I am going to my grandpa's for his birthday. I have an Animal health midterm on monday at 7pm, so hopefully while the baby is napping I can study for it because I'm not gonna have time this weekend. Anyway, I am ranting now, I thought I would just tell you all how I'm doing. I mean other than school, I am doing good. I love watching Savanna, she always has the biggest smile and I love her chubby cheeks. Hope everyone is doing well, talk to ya'll later bye!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring Break

Us driving to SLO

Cal Poly seen from the P

Kristen, me and Denise at Avila Beach

I had the most awesome time for spring break. It was so great to get away, be with friends, and just be an adult for once. By that last one I mean fending for ourselves, and being able to make my own decisions. Anyway, me and denise drove down with Vince, which was so much fun. We went to sonic and sang in the car, you can go to my youtube and check it out. I put it under Trip to SLO and my user name is sillyamz. So, after we got dropped off we put all our stuff in kristen's dorm and headed out. We met kristen's friends sophie and travis, who are awesome, and went to dinner with them one night at Metro, a place on campus. Throughout the week we would go to taco bell, burger king, and even dennys around 1 or 2 in the morning, hehe. We hiked to the Cal Poly P, which was really steep, but we were so proud of ourselves for doing it. Then at the end of the trip we couldn't find the greyhound station we were supposed to get on at. The one that you usually go to was fenced off, and we had no idea where it moved to. We called greyhound and they kept saying the same address, I called my mom and she looked it up and it said the same address. Finally, we asked a guy in a donut shop and he said it moved to the train station up the road. It was crazy because this was all at 5 in the morning. We stayed up the entire night and got less than 2 hours of sleep on the bus, so we were really tired. I had a blast, and I cannot wait to go back there!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I'm Checking In

Okay so, I am having the laziest week ever. You see I just want it to be spring break, so i don't want to go to classes, i don't want to do homework, and on top of all that i am starting to get sick. I weighed in this morning and i was really unhappy because i gained, but i know i can get back on track, im just hoping spring break wont ruin me. I have this essay due in english on sunday, but i have to get it done before saturday because that's when im gonna be getting ready for the trip to cal poly. Anyway, i know this is all me, and i just got to suck it up, get things done so i can have a stress free time for spring break. I will talk to you guys later, i just got done with a walk so im kind of wiped, haha. Bye!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Woot Woot!

Oh my god I am so happy! Today I weighed in and I lost 1.6 pounds, but that wasn't the biggest thing, it was the fact that I am 219.4 and I have not seen that 1 in a long time. I was like screaming when I saw that number, haha. Anyway, this week has been pretty boring, except for on saturday when I went with my dad to a family celebration for his uncle. I was finally able to learn where his mom and dad came from and we made a semi family tree, and we are going to put it on the computer so the other family members can see too. I had a really good time, even though my brother and my cousin greg weren't there. It was great to spend time with my dad :) Other than that, I am doing well, still procrastinating on homework lol, I don't think that is ever going to change until I get morning classes again. Oh yeah, I am going to cal poly for spring break to visit my friend kristen, that's going to be fun. Well, I will talk to you guys later, bye!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Crazy, crazy week. First on Monday I went and babysat Savanna, which was pretty easy, it was just the fact that I was tired from the busy weekend I had. On Saturday I spent the day with Denise we didn't even think about our "diets" and just went all out. I mean burger king, taco bell, cookies, brownies, AND sundaes! Then we stayed up until around 4 in the morning, ahhh. On sunday we spent the day with kristen. We went to the mall, to the cheesecake factory in marin, and then went to her house and hung out, until 10. So I was wiped out on Monday, but still had energy to babysit, because my niece is sooo cute, haha. Then yesterday I went to Bio and got my lecture exam back, that I thought I failed because I had no time to study for it and guessed on pretty much every guestion, but I got a 71/100. A low C whohoo!! Way better than I thought, haha. So today, I weighed in and I lost .2 pounds not much but better than i thought, because I thought I would gain after the weekend adventure. Now I have to do psych homework, and I mean really do it, not procrastinate, because I now have another busy weekend ahead of me, DANG!!! Anyway, hope everyone is doing well, talk to you soon, bye!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Going Bananas :)

Okay so let me tell you guys about my week so far. On sunday and monday I spent both days writing a 3 page essay for english about a park. Then monday night I went to my animal health class, which I liked for the first time because our quiz was a crossword puzzle and we got out at 9 instead of 10. So, then tuesday I made 3 buckets of cookies for mary's work, which was very fun, because I love baking, but I was procrastinating the entire day on studying for my Bio test. So, I didn't get to studying until 3:30 and my test was at 5:30. Needless to say I think I failed my test, because I pretty much guessed on most of the answers. Luckily my teacher does pity exams, to make up the grade. Anyway, today I have to work on Psych homework which isn't due until friday, but I'm trying not to procrastinate, that has been happening to me a lot ever since I started my night classes. I have a 6 day weekend though, so that is exciting. I have wednesday off, then the teachers are doing something on thursday, and then the college is closed on friday and monday. Well, I will talk to you guys later! Oh ya I completely forgot, I also weighed in today and lost 2.4 pounds! I am back on track, trying to count my calories during the day. Hey does anyone know how many calories you are supposed to have when dieting?

Friday, February 6, 2009

La La La...

So, I just got my grade for my first essay this semester, and I got an A-. Whohoo!! So,I am doing good in my english online class, yay. I just took a lab exam for bio on thursday, so im hoping i did good on that, i took it pretty fast so i have no idea. Anyway, I weighed myself this week and was dissapointed, because I gained .6 pounds and last week i gained 1.5 pounds, and i don't know why. I have been walking, and eating right so i don't know. I think im going to use my exercise bike a few times a week on top of the walking, and try to change up my exercises. But ya, im not gonna let a couple pounds get me down, im going by what i see, not the numbers, and i have seen a big change. Okay, so i will talk to ya'll later, just wanted to check in again, see ya!

Monday, February 2, 2009

1day down, 4 to go...

So, I just got back from cmy animal health class, and I am wide awake, so I decided to tell you guys a riddle. Here goes: A cowboy rides into town on friday and stays for 3 days, then leaves on friday. How did he do this?
I heard this today and I was so pissed that i couldn't figure it out. Anyway, I will talk to ya'll later, bye! :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Nothing new to report, I just wanted to write. I didn't have class yesterday and I don't have class today, so I am kind of bored. Although I am procrastinating on english homework at this very moment, lol, but that isn't due until sunday so I'm good. Anyway, I have physical therapy tomorrow :( I mean I like going because it is good for exercise, but I am just so tired of my knee hurting. Well, I just wanted to check in, so I will talk to you guys later, bye!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Another Successful Weigh-in!

So, i weighed myself today and i lost 3 pounds, yay! I calculated my total weight loss so far and i have lost 15.8 pounds in 9 weeks. I know that isn't a lot, but i am not trying to go fast, i am just trying to be healthy and not try to get myself all worked up with how much i weigh. But, anyway i am happy with my progress so far, i have gone down a pant size so that feels good, and i am just feeling good. I still have a bad knee, i don't know what is up with it. i only have 4 more physical therapy sessions left and that's it, so if it doesn't feel better by then, i am definitely going to the doctor. well, i will talk to you guys later, hope everyone is doing well, bye!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Back in School...

Wow, this week was crazy. So, I kind of knew I wasn't really going to like night classes, just because I am more of a morning person, but I did like the fact that I got to stay home all day. It was cool hanging with Vince the few days he was here, haha. Emphasis on FEW. Anyway, so here is the deal on my classes, I have one animal health class on monday nights from 7-10pm. It was a cool class, more than 50 people in it, and we have to do like presentations and things like that because the class is about learning how to become a receptionist for a vet hospital. I HATE presentations, but hopefully most of them will be in partners. Okay, so then on tuesdays I have a Bio 10 class with like 50 people too, but I actually have friends in this class, so that's cool, and the teacher is funny. Now, I used to have an animal health class on wednesdays, but I had to drop it because apparently you should have taken these other animal health classes before you took this one. So, I dropped the class and have no classes on wednesdays. On thursdays I have my bio 10 class, plus the lab that goes with it from 5:30- 10pm, on tuesday it just goes from 5:30-7. Anyway, So since I dropped the other class, I lost 3 units, and I need 12 units for the doyle scholarship, so I found a Psych 1a class on fridays from 9am-12. I went there today, and the teacher is cool, and he said that usually the class will only be like an hr and a half, so i will be out of there by 10:30, whohoo! Also, I started my online english class, and it is pretty cool. I had to make a blog for it because we have to do little write up and things, so now I have 2 blogs, haha. well, I had a busy/confusing week, lol, so I will talk to you guys later, because I have to to some english homework, bye!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Car...

I seriously want my own car! I know everyone is going to say just get a job, and you can save up for one, but I just want one now! I am tired of using mom's and I hate that the windows don't roll down, and the electricity doesn't work, and that it shakes like crazy when you drive too fast. I am done with it, I want my own. I want to be able to go when I please and not have to worry about whether the car will make it that far. Anyway, I just had to vent, because today I was supposed to go out with my friends but Justine got in to a little accident so we couldn't take her car, and then my mom wouldn't let me take ours because she said it wouldn't make it to healdsburg, so we had to postpone. Now, I am stuck at home once again with nothing to do, ugh. Well, I will talk to ya'll later, bye.

Monday, January 5, 2009


Hey so I am really bored, and have nothing else to do but write a blog. Today I did nothing, I woke up at like 9am and stayed in my PJ's all day, haha. I was able to watch the Twilight movie again on my computer, for free, how awesome is that, haha. You don't have to pay the money to go to the theaters. Anyway, I washed clothes and then my mom came home at 2:15, so I could go to my physical therapy appointment. My leg is still not better, I don't know what is up with it. I mean I can walk better than when it first started hurting, but I still have a hard time up stairs, and kneeling down, and it feels soar on some days; it is just really annoying. I mean its been 3 months! So, ya I am back home now, with nothing to do again, haha. I have this cold now, or maybe it is allergies, either way it sucks. I am hoping it goes away before wednesday, because I am going out with my friends Rebecca, Justine, and Denise. Rebecca and Justine, I have not hung out with in a long long time, so I am excited. I have known them all since elementary school, isn't that cool. Anyway, I'm going to stop writing now, because I have nothing else to say, talk to you later, bye!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

I just wanted to say Happy New Year to everyone. I hope everyone had as much fun as I did. I celebrated with my friends. We had margeritas and pizza, had poppers and silly string when the ball dropped, all kinds of awesome things, haha. So, anyway, hope everyone is well, I will talk to ya'll later bye!