Friday, July 25, 2008

Being an Adult

I know it may seem stupid, but for the first time since I have turned 18, I really felt like I have grown up. You may laugh, but I have not gone to the store by myself to just get those extra things you need around the house, or used my debit card without withdrawing money beforehand so I would not have to use the "swiper". It is embarrassing I know, but I guess I'm just not ready to become an adult yet. Anyway, back to the reason I started my big confession. Today, my best friend Denise and I washed my mother's car, like completely cleaned it inside and out, and although it may not seem that "adultish" it certainly seemed like it to both of us girls who have never washed the car without our parents before. Then right after that, we both got into the car and drove over to the gas station, used my debit card and paid for gas in my mom's car. So exciting! Then we drove on over to Wal Mart, where I had a shopping list and everything already ready in my hands, hehe. We grabbed a cart, which usually our parents push, and went on our way. At the end I paid with the debit card and said, "How easy was that?" We also went to Safeway to activate Denise's debit card, so we were both feeling pretty proud of ourselves for the rest of the day. Pretty much this entire week I have been feeling more and more like an adult and less like a child, my mom and brother haven't been home, so I have been cleaning the house, doing the dishes, all sorts of things. Although, I do those all the time, this week just seems a little different, maybe it is because I am getting close to college and I feel like I should become more mature, but that should have happened a long time ago. For me, I guess it's just taking a little while longer to grow into a mature, more outgoing adult. I have to tell you though, not only did I feel so accomplished,but I also felt free, free to shop for what I needed and do what I wanted to do. Now, if only I had my own car, haha.


Valerie said...

I remember all that, it is a crazy feeling. It just starts sucking when you have to buy stuff like toothpaste and laundry detergent and you are broke because your job sucks.... but I digress.

Actually, I am not sure if you are working or not, but saving up for a car would be an adult, and really rewarding thing to do.

Vince said...

the whole freeing thing is freakin great, thats why i love being at asu....but i do have to say, its about time! and dont tell me i didnt do it at your age!

DelicateDisaster said...

haha i agree pandy :] it was super fun feeling grown up haha like we did again today ^_^ and the next day, and the next lol we're just growing up together :] sisters forever haha :D

Mary said...

what a great time... it is nice to recognize your importance to this world and all you have to give.

You are not a child any longer and watch out world... here you come!

I love ya girl!