Friday, September 26, 2008

Time to Have Some Fun!!

Although, I have 2 midterms next week, I'm going to have some fun this weekend! Today I am going to see Eagle Eye with Denise, because we have been wanting to see it since we saw the first preview for it, haha. Then on saturday, we are going to the World of Dance Tour in Alemeda, showing all these dance groups doing hip hop, and break dancing, which we totally love! I can't wait! So, probably on sunday and saturday in the morning I will study and get ready for my Anthro midterms. Also, I talked to Denise's mom who works at Macy's, and she might be able to get me and Denise jobs working in recovery, whohoo a job!! I have done recovery before, so it will be familiar to me at least. Anyway, I have to go wash my clothes, so I will talk to ya'll later bye!


Mary said...

go have a great time....

you deserve it.