Thursday, October 2, 2008

Midterm Madness Is Gone

Finally, this week is over, and both my anthro midterms are done. I took my first one on tuesday, which i think I did ok on, considering there was 40 multiple choice, 5 short answer, 5 definitions, and a 3 paragraph essay. I knew most of the things that were on it, I took my time, and hopefully didn't get an F, haha. My second one was today, and there was 10 slide indentifications, and 40 multiple choice, but some of the questions on the multi choice were not what she had us study, so I didn't really know the answer, had to do the 50/50 thing, and I hope my guesses were right. But I figured it out, that for both classes, that even if I got a 65 on the tests, I would still have a C in the class. Anyway, just wanted to fill you all in, I have to work on an essay this weekend, but it is my second draft, so its not that hard. Well, I know my last post was long so this is a little shorter for you, I will talk to you guys later, hope everyone is doing well, bye!


Valerie said...

I bet you did very well. People that care about their grades tend to do well.

Mary said...

I am sure you did well..

I always get nervous about the 50/50 thing...

In my Masters I no longer have those options... it is all about the almighty essay.

Keep it up missy..

Valerie said...

Ah yes, the almighty essay. I hear you Mary.