Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thank God this Week is Over!

I had to worry about two midterms and a test this week and it stressed me out so much. I hated that they were all on the same week, so stupid. Both midterms were for my anthro classes and the test was in my child 10 class, so my mind was just going crazy with all the info i had to keep in it. For my second anthro class i think i did okay, my essays at the end were really good i think, so that should put me over the top. Then for my first anthro i did horrible on the slide identification part i left 3 blank and i knew that some of the answers i put down were wrong, but i practically knew every answer on the multi. choice part so i hope that will balance my grade. My child 10 test was take home but i never know about those, so we will see. anyway, hope everyone's weeks are going well, talk to ya'll later, bye!!


Vince said...

yeah, the whole "i have a gazillion tests in one week" thing is never good, but i have to say you get used to it, because it happens a lot...lo siento....but im sure you did fine on them, and that you studied well

Mary said...

take home tests can be harder...

you are half way done right?