Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Stressed out!!!

Okay so I'm babysitting right now, and having a really hard time. Savanna is being really fussy, crying a lot and she will not go to sleep. It's very hard because I have tons of homework to do today, but oh well. Anyway, I had a really good time in Arizona this past weekend. Vince took us to all these places we haven't been to and we walked to A mountain, you can check out on my youtube to see that video, if you want (sillyamz). We ate way too much food, and I thought I would gain tons, but lost .2, haha. Anyway, I got to go, I don't know what to do with her right now, ugh. Her poor teeth :( Well, I will talk to you guys when I can, bye!


Vince said...

well I havn't watched your weigh in video yet, but I saw it up...I will later when I get back home from class...but damn! loss of .2!! how the hell did you pull that off? hahaha amazing!

Amanda said...

i know i don't get it! It had to have been the walking, just let me maintain. Who knows, lol.

Mary said...

sometimes babies are fussy..

people don't realize how hard a baby is..

they think it is easy..

well... have them watch them..

it will get better... if you need to put her some where safe and walk away for a minute... it helps..