Friday, July 3, 2009

Update!! :)

Hi everyone, haven't blogged in a while so this may be a little long. First off, I hope all of you are having a great weekend, and Happy Fourth of July! Now, in my life right now so many things are going on, I'm having a hard time keeping up. Still nannying as you all know, and savanna is such a little handful, but so cute! She climbs the stairs now and stands up every chance she gets. I am going to stop nannying at the end of this month, because I have to focus on school and will probably have tons of homework. :( Anyway, I also just found out that i have priority registration on the 8th and i never even got to talk to my counselor this summer. When i called this past week, they said they aren't making appointments right now, but there are drop-ins and those only allow 15 minutes to talk. So, i just have to decide on my own right now, what I'm going to take for this next semester. Also, I keep feeling like I haven't really had a summer at all, because it is going by so quick and I haven't had any time to relax and do vacations and things with fam and friends. I mean, yes i have done some things this summer, but it definitely is not like any other summer i have had before, maybe because of the nannying. But, my friends and I are going sometime in the first weeks of august, on a roadtrip. We are going to oregon and washington, to see all things twilight, but also just see whatever we want, haha. Aside from that I have taken up the habit of reading and cannot stop, lol. I started reading the harry potter books about 3 or 4 weeks ago and i am already done with the first 5. I'm waiting for vince to finish 6, so i can read it before the movie comes out, hehe. I think i really like reading, because it takes me to a different world, so i don't have to think about my own world and it's stresses. Anyway, a lot of things going on, and I'm sure you guys are doing a lot too, so I will let ya'll go. Have a good 4th of july, see ya!!


Mary said...

Amanda... first of all , you are a special person I admire. Your strength and desire are noteworthy. Your beauty is not only skin deep and I know how proud your dad is of you... me too. I appreciate you taking your summer to do something as important as watch your neice with such love. I am glad you get away in August.

Secondly: I love your new blog..

Thirdly: lets talk car money... If you put down 4000, we will finance between 2 and 3 thousand... what do you think?

Lastly.. I love you!

Amanda said...

aww thank you mary! i can try and put down 4000 for the car, but now that i am going to be doing the road trip in august, im going to need money for that, so i don't think i will have enough left after it. That's why i said i need to get another job, but it sucks because i wanted the car before i went back to school. And, I love you too :)

Monica said...

im so happy that you have been able to care for savanna, and are very happy with your job! She truly loves you i can tell cause she gets excited to see you in the morning.
thank you for getting me threw a critical time in her life, and I think 9 months will be the perfect time for her to start being around other babies!
i hope you have a blast on your trip!

Amanda said...

thanks monica, haha i love her huge smile in the mornings. Ya i can't wait to get away for awhile :)

Mary said...

amanda... how much do you have?

Amanda said...

mary, now my friends have decided that we aren't going on the trip, arg!!! But, right now i have a little over 4,000. So im good let's find a car :) and can you please get this thing off my eye, it's really bugging me!!