Friday, September 25, 2009

What's up people?!?!

So, I thought I would write a blog because monica did, although probably no one will read it like my last one (hint, hint) ;)

Anyway, my life has been very chaotic since school started, and it's not only the stress of classes but also me trying to concentrate on my health and losing weight. Let me start off with school, because I'm having some issues with it right now, and I think I just need outsiders opinions. I went to my counselor wednesday and discovered that if I continue on the track I'm going I am going to be at the JC for about another 3 years, I also have to take the math placement test again and the chem placement test to see if I can get into higher classes. But, what my real problem is, I keep going over and over in my head, "should I stay on this track where I get my associates and vet tech certificate or just forget about the certificate and focus on the associates, that way I only have maybe a couple more years at the JC and then go straight to UC Davis or wherever." I just don't know, and my mom is not really helping, and I feel so confused, and I know everybody is going to say well it's really going to be up to you in the end, but I guess I just need people to help me get to the end.

Okay, now that that is done, I have been doing great on my weight loss and I see that monica and steven are doing awesome too, and I love it!! I started back on 8/10 because summer was just to crazy to lose weight, but since then I have lost 10 pounds!! I am very proud of my self and I intend to keep going!! I am doing it with my friend denise, and we are kind of pushing each other, and motivating each other to keep going. And this time I measured myself and it's so cool to see how much inches I lose in just a matter of 2 weeks. Okie Dokie, I will talk to ya'll later, and like monica said we all need to start writing more, I know most of us have facebook, but it's nice to hear what everyone's doing in their lives :) See ya later!!


Monica said...

Im super excited for you and your 10 lb loss! that is awesome!

as far as the JC goes, Its a tought decision, cause i see both sides of the fence, i know that you really want to go to a 4 year so that you can get away, and I agree that is a great idea for you and I think you should totally do it!

I know there are few things holding you back from wanting to leave, but amanda you need to do what is best for you, you need to be your number one priority do not let others hold you back because of there wants or needs. people dont often realize there selishness holds others back.

so...I guess my opinion is based more on your happiness than anything else.

have you thought about making your AS your priority, going to UCD starting the program there while finishing your vet tech cirt at a JC in sac?
my old roommate did that (in a different field) and it worked great for her!
just something else to look into!

Amanda said...

so true about the selfishness thing, I need to make this about me. That last part might be a good idea. My mom made a suggestion to me the other day, about if I stayed with this track it might be better, because if I go to UC Davis right after JC I will be able to get a job there while doing school. So, see I don't know, I just keep going back and forth. I might just need to make myself a pro and con list or something, haha.