Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Alright, so my birthday was far from what I call a success, but it was fun. Sunday night my grandpa took my mom and I out to dinner. We went to olive garden, YUMMY!! Denise came over monday and we had a nice dinner my mom made, then we went and saw Shutter Island. We thought it was going to be hella scary and we were in the theater by ourselves at first, which made it even scarier, but once we started watching the movie it wasn't so bad. I love how there were so many twists, and Leo was an amazing actor. Anyway, then we came home and had cupcakes that were adorable and stayed up until 5am. We watched stuart from mad tv and listened to hella old music, soooo much laughter. "Look what I can do!" hahahaha So, overall good birthday. (Here are the cupcakes my mom made for cute!)

Yesterday, I went to the biggest loser event, and oh my gosh it was freakin awesome. Everyone should have come. I can't really tell you guys what went down, but if you guess that's okay, lol. It was sooo inspirational.

Anyway, vince's birthday is today and I have said happy birthday to him already but I can say it again...HAPPY BIRTHDAY VINCE!!! The big 22, so freakin crazy!! I can't believe how old we are :) And, congrats monica and steven, FINALLY A BOY!!!!! YAY!!!! :)


Vince said...

WOOO! MY BDAY! and hey, i wanna know what happened! why can ya'll call me and tell me? its not like they have tapped into our fones

Vicki said...

Great cupcakes
Sounds like you had a fun bday.

Amanda said...

vince: I tried sending you the video through email but it said it was too long. It's just that they asked us to respect them, by not letting anything leak out.

Vicki: Ya i had fun, and i got tons of new baking stuff from my mom; i can't wait to start bakin!!