Monday, December 22, 2008

I did it!

I just looked up my grades for my first semester in college, and I got 3 A's and one B. Whohoo! I got an A in english, child 10, and anthro 31, and then a B in anthro 43. That is so much better than I thought I would get. I am so happy, my GPA is 3.76. Anyway, I can't wait for christmas eve eve and christmas eve, talk to you guys later, bye!


DelicateDisaster said...

woooot!! good job pandy!! i got 3 A's and 1 B too :D *hugh five* we made it through the first half of college! haha :]

DelicateDisaster said...

*high five* lol not hugh.. lmao

Amanda said...

haha thanks chica good job to u too, thats funny we got the same,lol.

DelicateDisaster said...

you're welcome :D haha thanks :] i know!! i saw that anjelica dupar got the same as we did too lol

Mary said...

wow... great job, you underestimated yourself..

soooo... what is up for next semester?

Inquiring minds want to know..