Monday, August 11, 2008

Giants Game

So I went to the Giants game yesterday, with my bro, dad, stepmom, cuz, and aunt, and it was hecka fun. Although we had to sit in the heat for a while, the shade finally came and we were able to relax and watch the giants beat the dodgers. BEAT LA, BEAT LA! That's all we heard throughout the game and at the end, but the giants won and the crowd went wild. It was great to spend time with Greg and Tess, we don't see them alot and when we do, it is always so much fun. We went out to eat at amici's and had the yummiest breadsticks and great pizza. Then we said our goodbyes and went back home, a great ending to an awesome day. Anyway, I hope everyones weeks were as great as mine, I am so exhausted now I just want to relax, but I can't because school starts on the 18th and I have to get ready for that and Valeries wedding, so I just have to keep going like the energizer bunny, haha. Talk to ya'll later, bye!


Mary said...

Yum-o Amici's antipasto salad is the best as well...

I had a great time also... except for being in the oven..

but eventually it got better and the Giants won!!!!

Next weekend should be fun as well...